Sigillo di Ateneo

Global Community

Students of our global network come from different backgrounds and disciplines including various formsof engineering, industrial design, business and economics. The diversity assures that teams take multiple perspectives on any given challenge, increasing the probability of breakthrough discoveries and innovation. Many of the students are in their first or final year in the Master’s program (or the equivalent) and some are working towards their doctoral degree. All students have core competencies in their respective fields and many have prior design project experience in academia or industry.

All professors and coaches are just as diverse as the students, offering multiple points-of-view on engineering, design, and project management. Professors are highly skilled advisor for the team and have important experience in the field of Design Thinking and enterpreneurship. Coaches are typically alumni of the course with relevant industry experience assigned to the student teams to provide feedback and access to relevant information through their social network. All of them are passionate about letting the students design and innovate and will go beyond their professorial duty to assure that students are given the best possible environment to work in.

In addition to the teaching team, industry liaisons and researchers are part of the facilitating process, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to the students. Liaisons are members of the company who interface with the students on a regular basis to provide the teams the corporate knowledge relevant to the project. Researchers, particularly at CERN in the CBI program, are expert of a particular field that often meet the students to give them access to important resources and contaminate projects with their expertise.

Corporate partners

2012/13 Academic partners