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CBI - Challenge Based Innovation

Challenge Based Innovation - CBI - is a pilot course of human-centric product design started in the Autumn of 2013. It is developed and conducted in collaboration with CERN and three European top universities: Aalto University in Finland, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia in Italy and National Technical University of Athens (NTU) in Greece.


The mission of the program, promoted by CERN, is to “develop highly futuristic, technologically feasible ideas that have the potential to challenge the status quo in global issues”. Multi-disciplinary student teams face innovation challenges where the futuristic technologies developed in CERN are applied to human centric problems.

CBI is a pilot project built to connect students, companies and CERN research, where students provide creative energies, CERN provides its futuristic technology and companies provide the reality that is important to address real world problems, by giving the students their innovation challenges. Every challenge is taken by a multi-disciplinary team formed by top level students coming from Unimore (Italy), Aalto Design Factory (Finland) and NTU of Athens (Greece), which frequently meet at CERN all through the project, to join their energies and proceed with the innovation process.



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