Sigillo di Ateneo

Three Ingredients

Without constraints the design process cannot take shape. In fact, Design Thinking laid the foundations of its success in the aptitude of the actors to accept with enthusiasm these constraints rather than seeing them as obstacles to innovation. In order to have a successful design process you need to keep in mind that exploration is governed by three basic constraints from which organizations cannot escape: desirability, viability and feasibility.

The first refers to the degree of attraction of the new idea for the individuals to whom it is addressed. The second refers to the ability of the new idea to get integrated into the business model of the organization that developed it. The last one refers to the company's ability to realize the idea with the resources available or at least easily available. These three aspects must be taken into account during the entire duration of the project. However, the most important thing to emphasize is the need to find the right balance between the three given constraints.